Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bread in a Glass, in bread

Guinness Molasses Bread is a recipe I found when looking for a beer bread recipe suited for the strong flavor of Guinness beer. Guinness works well in most basic beer bread recipes too, but it is a very strong beer… and while I like it, I was curious if other bakers had come up with a recipe specifically designed for this beer. When I saw molasses in the title of this recipe, I almost skipped it. The beer has a strong flavor, and molasses has a strong flavor… that would have to be too overpowering, right? It is… in all the best of ways! This incredibly simple recipe, consisting of only 6 basic ingredients, is one of the most decadent sweet breads I’ve ever tasted. It is sweet… not bitter, not sharp… the strong flavors of the beer and molasses cancel each other out and it’s smooth and yummy! It’s a very dense and moist bread, as beer bread tends to be, so it is very filling (not that it stopped us from having seconds!). Brian said it is the perfect “dessert” and has asked to have it for snacking at school tomorrow.  Counting the slice I set aside for his lunchbox, we polished off half of the loaf.
The recipe is linked above, but here it is again:
This is definitely a family favorite. Brian has told me that I must save this recipe for when he grows up so he can take it with him when he moves into his own home.
It will make you feel like dancing...


Expat Mom said...

Yum! That sounds delicious! Too bad we can't get the ingredients here. :(

Connie said...

It's probably harder for me to find the molasses, than the beer! We don't drink much beer, but when we find Guinness, we'll buy a whole case and stock the cabinet... it'll last for months, but it's nice to have an emergency stash! Every once in awhile, I get a craving for beer bread. It's good stuff. I have a simple recipe for a beer cheese bread, but that's best with light beer... which I never have! I am so happy that I found this recipe though.. it is yum!