Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Approved – Apple Cinnamon Muffins

I think my kids are growing again. They keep eating. Five minutes after eating, they want to eat some more. Brian’s jeans are probably ok, because we bought them really big, but Honor… I think I’ll be shopping again, and soon. Another pair, barely used, has been outgrown. I usually have to shop online too. These guys are very tall, getting taller, and very skinny. It’s HARD to find pants that go all the way to their ankles, yet are small enough for their waists… even with those adjustable tabs. I’d have to spend hours scouring shops here to have any luck clothing them, whereas I know the sizes of Old Navy, LL Bean, JC Penney, etc. so I’ll hope for some good holiday sales online. I just can’t believe we may not make it through the winter in the clothes we bought this past August!

Keeping these hungry beings fed, with regular food, is easy. They aren’t too terribly picky and will eat their regular meals no problem. Snacks are trickier, esp. when it comes to school snacks that are fairly healthy, low in sugar (I’m not depriving them of sweets, but I don’t send candy, chips or frosted cupcakes, etc), and easy to transport without being smushed and wasted (you know, for those days when they decide to eat nothing, because there is no such thing as consistency!). Well, I sometimes bake and send them off with cookies, but they’re going to be oatmeal cookies, or full of fruit or something. Often they get a variety of cereal bars. I have also been trying different muffins. My banana bread, in muffin form, is the favorite, but I found the following Apple Cinnamon Muffin recipe yesterday, and the kids loved the results.

I subscribe to this blog: Taste Spotting which highlights interesting looking recipes, and it linked to this blog where you’ll find the actual recipe: Apples & Almonds 

Of course, the recipe called for using separate bowls, then adding half of the one mix to the other, then blending, then adding more… blah blah blah… I don’t always listen when told to do things… I was in a hurry and just added the wet ingredients, mixed. Added the dry, mixed. Added the apples. Ta-daa! Worked just fine. I used one red apple (McIntosh, I think) and one granny smith (and I didn’t peel them either, I like the tartness of the peel bits in muffins, not to mention the color). The recipe said “Makes 12” so I made only 12 (see, I *can* listen, sometimes). I bet I could have made them smaller and got 18 muffins. The important thing is, the kids LOVED them! Ok, they did say that I should add more cinnamon, but they love cinnamon, so I am not surprised.

Both ate one banana muffin and TWO of these monster apple muffins for breakfast this morning, and then asked to have another in their lunch boxes. Where’s my credit card? LL Bean jeans shop, here I come…


ursula said...

I'm glad your kids liked the muffins! it must be hard to keep having to buy new clothes. They'll stop growing one day, promise!

Connie said...

Hi Ursula - I have a feeling both will be taller than I am before they do stop ;D We are lucky to live in a mild climate where they can wear shorts and t-shirts most of the time so I don't have to worry about it, usually. It must be really tough to keep kids clothed properly in areas where pants are required for more of the year!