Monday, March 7, 2011

Cats can…

Teach you to imitate a rug
Pop bubble wrap
Play with the big kids’ toys…

and even fetch your Nerf darts, stuck way up high on the cabinet.
(They can… and will… )


Nomads By Nature said...

Too cute! I love hearing the joy they bring you through your words and photos!

Connie said...

I think it's tough to maintain a grouchy, down, or depressed mood with pets around. They are healthy for us, good for the whole family's happiness :)

trashmaster46 said...

Two orange cats! When people see mine, they always tell me how rare orange cats are, especially as mine's female as well. Cute cats!

Connie said...

Trashmaster46 - Actually there are 3 orange cats in the house! They're everywhere in Jordan. Most of the feral colony around our house is some variety of red or orange. I never thought I'd choose an orange cat, but these litter mates were meant to be. Home grown, right in our back garden. Plucked from the flower bush, but probably not organic, no telling what mama cat had been eating :p !

Ninja - the smiling rug imitator, is a very dark red with white/tan markings
Pixie - very light pink,tan, beige, cinnamon (depending on the light) is the reader and main popper of bubble wrap.
Ninja & Pixie are both girls, very short hair.
Pumpkin is the big guy watching Pixie pop bubbles. He's the most traditional 'ginger' tabby of the bunch and is very fluffy.