Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got Nothin’, in other words, the Round-up is coming!

“Got nothin’” can be translated as “Need things!”
(Pixie demonstrates how sad it is to be without things you need.)

Where has this week gone? Frankly, I’m still in last week, confused, and wondering why my weekend hasn’t shown up yet… but here we are, Tuesday, this week, and I’m needing to be rounding up Round-up items!

I am hosting the weekly State Department Blog Round-Up this week, so I better get my behind in gear(!), and I need your help. What HAVE you been up to this week? What’s going on in your part of the globe? A number of bloggers have noted that sometimes it is tough to blog towards a set theme. I understand that completely. My own blog tends to contain posts about what I’m thinking about, posted randomly, when I feel like it. Sometimes it makes sense, other times, maybe not, but I do what I do. I can be inspired by some themes, but some… not so much. I’m setting an OPTIONAL theme of ‘Crafts’ for this week, and I suppose we could re-label it as an “Optional Talking Point” or something, but “theme” rolls off the tongue so much easier. Anyway...

I enjoy crafting, arts and crafts, creating things, making messes, etc. It’s cheap therapy. When the kids were little though, I cut back my hobby quite a bit. I still continued to work on simple things here and there, but nothing I actually had to focus on or pay much attention to. The kids are getting older and more independent now, and I am jumping back into art. Often I feel like I am past ready for this (re)start up, sometimes I am bit (lot) overwhelmed with it, but I’m happy to be going again!

If you are interested in this theme, why not share a bit about the arts you like to participate in, or perhaps, what resources are available where you are, or even share some of the local arts and crafts that are created by local artists in your area that inspire you to shop, if not actually craft yourself?!


Donna said...

My crafty contribution is up!

Jess said...

Today my blog involved making edible fingerpaint, and yesterday it involved an earthquake we had here in Manila. Satisfies both topics--crafts and what's going on here!

Jessica @ www.lindseymaesmith.blogspot.com

Becky said...

I like the "optional talking point" idea! Whenever I did the Round Up, I was more than happy to include stuff that wasn't with the theme. Just didn't know how to communicate it!

Connie said...

Donna, I recognize those crafts! :)

Jess - Edible fingerpaint, fun! Hope all is ok after the quake.

Smallbits - "Optional Talking Point" is a mouthful, but if it helps, why not? I felt that the themes idea was launched as "Theme subject or whatever" but I can see that there is pressure to conform when a label is applied. (does this even make sense? I am verrry tired!)

Becky said...

Yeah it's kind of a catch 22 with the submission thing. If there is a subject, I submit if I have something. If there isn't, I don't usually because I don't think I post many interesting things. ("Hey here are my four walls, Again! Yay!") I can be on subject but am not really that interesting most the time :)

I like the idea of having a subject for those who find it easier to submit posts and using random posts as well. That's what I always tried to do but I wasn't great at articulating it. Go Connie!

Amy said...

I put up a little something - you would think I should have something given the name of my blog!

Just US said...

The extent of my crafting has been limited to trying to find a solution for apartment-style living with 4 boys. Here is my newest solution: http://csamto.blogspot.com/2011/03/kaelens-future-house.html

Do you think State will move it around the world for me?

Nomads By Nature said...

Got something for the round up. Little bit of craft, little bit of optional!

Like the guidance of the theme as well as the tangent topics. Very flexible to include as many bloggers as possible.

Thanks for hosting this week!

Nomads By Nature said...

Since we have the SDWRU (is that right?) we could add your 'OTP' to the official lingo. After all, we are acronym-assimilators. OTP is catchy!

Connie said...

Just US - That is an AWESOME idea for a house!! My kids plus scooters plus that house... watch out!

Connie said...

Nomads by Nature - Very cool! I love that recycling project! Education and reading are such basic needs.

OTP does sound very official doesn't it... ;) LOL!

Shannon said...

I am still working on my blogpost, will have it up late if the internet cooperates. In the mean time check out this blog by my dear friend Kate, currently in Berlin. She does amazing things with yarn!


She said she will try to get a new post up today but even if she doesn't what a great crafty FS blog.

Stephanie said...

My hobby this week has been removing Holi paint. I'm going fabric shopping tomorrow but my post on it won't be ready for the craft-themed roundup, I don't think.

Connie said...

A - Your comment took it's time to publish! I thought I'd lost you!
I love your collage! You are an amazing crafter!

Shannon said...

Ok I have my post up
Hopefully some of those crafty people out there have some helpful advice for me.

Linsey said...

I'm "crafting" a paper for grad school this week, so sorry no fingerpainting going on 'round these parts. On the other hand, I did craft a post on playing tourist stateside so that's what I'm contributing. I know it's a stretch, but thanks for including me anyway.


Anonymous said...

Here's my crafty post:

Kate Husband said...

First time for me -- not really sure where I am to post this, but I have a "crafty" blog and we sure are fs! I'm Undiplomatic at www.katehusband.blogspot.com

If there is a better way to contribute -- please correct me!!!