Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update on Honor’s bird

Follow up on Honor’s baby bird. She and our cousin found this baby bird on the 3rd of July, and although we honestly thought the little thing was a goner, it hung on bravely and on the 6th we were able to deliver it to a wildlife rehabilitation place nearby. We never did find out where its nest may have been. Very perplexing. I’ll tell more about Critter Creek later, but for now, here are some of the last photos we took of Honor and the baby. It regained its strength and was eating very well. It couldn’t really walk or perch yet, but it had it’s feathers coming in and was scootching all over its box!

Waiting for me to clean its box so Honor could feed it again.


So much stronger after a day or two of healthy eating. 



Honor was very responsible.


Lots of new feathers!


We kept it in its box most of the time, with a cover on it to keep it calm and away from people. We handled it during feeding and cleaning only.



Getting around its box, looking for lunch. 


You can definitely see the feathers coming in, and although its body was mostly bare when we found it, its belly was almost half covered in white fluff after 3 days growth. 



Look at this little bird eat!


I don’t know how easy it is to rehab little sparrows, but this one was growing strong. At least he has a much better chance now than what he started out with. :)


Daniela Swider said...

Love this story - and you are doing an awesome job documenting it. It's such a neat experience for the kids.

Connie said...

Damiela - Thanks! Honor LOVES animals and learning about how to responsibly 'love' a wild animal that needs to be returned to the wild was a good experience for her. It was sad to hand the little baby over, but good, and we had a very educational tour of the wildlife rehab center.