Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Find

My kids are quite the tool users. They use our cameras, computers, smart phone, my new tablet, etc. Fortunately they are awesomely great kids (yes I am biased, I’m allowed) and I don’t mind handing such toys over to them, and I often find interesting photos when I clean out my files…

I took this one of the two of them with some app on my phone


I found others… 





And this, artwork of Brian’s that had been hanging outside of his classroom. A painting project after their field trip to Wadi Rum.

2011-05-19 10.00.03   The dolls were, apparently, partying in Honor’s room…


The pony wore stylish shoes


The bunny brought snacks


Ninja was dressed up too


She wasn’t too upset, but didn’t much like wearing a dress. What impresses me is that she apparently allowed Honor to button up THREE buttons on this! Talk about patience.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You’re part of the Weekly State Department Blog Round Up for August 19.

Lisa said...

Funny. The Siamese cat is my favorite.

betty-NZ said...

Aren't kids creative! Great shots.

Connie said...

Lisa - I think my fave is Ninja dressed up, but then again, I saw her walk casually into the kitchen, all "I have a dress and will now lay down in the sun"... and I know that, had anyone other than Honor tried to put her in a dress, they'd have been fileted. Honor can do no wrong.

Bettyl - Yes! they are! And I absolutely love finding these collections of odd/misc. photos, videos, and whatnot in my files!