Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hot Weather Treat

If you take one of these:

Which comes with this Vanilla Ice Cream recipe (click for link).

Hand it over to two eager kids who are skilled with using this:


To find milk shake recipes as yummy as this one (click for link): 

Then, throw that ice cream and other ingredients into one of these:


This is what the results are:

2012-04-29 17.02.13


Just thought I ought to share the recipe the kids found recently. It was very good! And also thought I ought to share that we LOVE our Cuisinart ice cream maker and Breville Blender!! No, this is NOT any sort of paid advertisement or promotion! Just a sharing. With all of our moving and use of ‘alternative power supplies’ with varying levels of reliability, I thought it worth noting that both this ice cream maker (ours is about 7yrs old) and the blender (about 5yrs old) have really held up well for this expat family.

I’m also tickled that my kids are starting to use these things, and other items, in the kitchen, as well as becoming more interested in looking up recipes online through Google, so they can come help me make treats and meals that they are interested in… or, better yet, as in this case… they are learning to do these things by themselves. (I had to help only a tiny amount, as the blender is quite heavy, and pouring the ice cream mixture into the machine is easier for me to reach – I also do the cleaning of the appliances for them, for now…).

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