Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not FS Enough

I posted this on Facebook but thought I ought to share here too. I hardly know what to say because it is one of those situations that ... well... eloquence fails me because it’s too ridiculous for me to be eloquent about. It’s just plain ignorant.

For an explanation, let me link you to Jen’s page. She blogs at The Dinoia Family and her blog was recently deleted from the State Department blog roll because of her blog was ‘too personal’. She ‘dared’ talk about nipples… or perhaps it was the dirty ‘c’ topic  - that brought about the nipple conversation - that was the objection? Maybe that reality was just too unappealing?? Apparently, some contractor has decided to white-wash FS life and toss out those who have, and dare talk about, REAL lives?? The Good, The Bad, The Routine – do we really want potential officers to know this stuff?? (*sarcasm!*).

They said they wanted travel stories and individual stories … Jen replies:

“So you mean describing stories about life after a diagnosis of breast cancer while your FS husband is serving in Iraq on an unaccompanied tour 6,219 miles away is not an individual story?  You mean detailing how you got through said issue, how you managed to pick yourself up off the floor each day despite feeling like your world had completely fallen apart (oh, wait, it had) and managed to somehow dust yourself off and keep going with your Foreign Service life is of no interest?  Guess that means I am the *only* one who will ever have to deal with such a thing.

The fact that we ended up doing a second unaccompanied tour?  Booooring.  Or that I had what, 4 surgeries in the past 18 months (scheduled AROUND my husband's most recent posting, so that he would be able to complete his obligations?)?  Um, hello, that's *too* personal, repugnant even!”


Jen is an amazing blogger. As I told her on Facebook, her sharing the trials that she has gone through, that her family has gone through, while her husband has managed to continue to serve our nation, epitomizes the sacrifices and dedication of foreign service officers and family. REAL stories, from bloggers like Jen, are of immeasurable value to serious FS prospects. They don't need candy-coated BS... potential officers (and their families) will gain more from truth. Why not head over to her blog and look around, you’ll see what I mean. (We support you Jen! You *ARE* FS enough!)

For a bit of actual eloquence on this subject, I’ll link you to Life After Jerusalem, where eloquence and well thought-out rants, praise and musings on various topics are often found. Here, she talks about what makes a foreign service blog, and it’ll bring a tear to your eye.

“If you take a look at my blogrolls (two now because blogger has restricted the number of blogs per roll), you will see well over 300 (maybe 400...I am too lazy to count) Foreign Service blogs. There are blogs from officers, specialists, spouses and kids. I include them all because they are all serving. And even when they are not specifically talking about life in the service, they are still talking about life in the service. “ 

And just because she used the word NIPPLETASIC… and because she makes a good point about the foreign service community… I’ll also link you to Sadie’s blog: Sadie Abroad.

“Because we are a community.  We stick together.  We make our own corner of FS life more fun.  Sometimes more bearable.”


Jen said...

Thank you!!!

betty-NZ said...

How sad, and all in the name of political correctness. I guess you will not be able to share our lives in any organized public forum. Makes you glad that BLOGGER doesn't mind if you use the 'c' word.

Nomads By Nature said...

It is scary to think that somebody reads our blogs and judges whether we are FS enough to be officially recognized as worthy of inclusion. It wonderful to know that the FS community knows better and won't stand for it.

Sadie said...

Awww, thanks for the link! And a great post all around :-).

Just US said...

I think you are a very eloquent writer and enjoy reading your posts!

Connie said...

Thanks all for the nice comments - I have been so tired (for no good reason) this week that stringing sentences together, and making sense, has been an effort ;D ! We've got a long weekend coming up though - al-hamd'allah!

For a follow-up on this topic, the short of it is, Jen is back, for details, please go visit Kolbi in Chengdu who blogs about Victorious Nipples at "A Daring Adventure"