Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Fun 2012

We hope that all of our friends and family had a lovely and love filled Christmas day, and that you are all continuing to enjoy your winter break with friends and loved ones.

Our Christmas morning started with a wild slo-mo run to the tree… because slo-mo is more dramatic…


and the first prezzie was discovered. A poor orphaned fox cub who needed a new home.


And Ninja got to open the giant box of goodies that Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jim, and cousins Kira and Nick, sent to her.


She was very generous and shared some of the boxes inside with the kids. Thanks to you all :D !!

DSC04301 DSC04307

We haven’t tried the game you sent yet, it’s been raining!, but it looks like fun. <3 !! Although they did get the trucks out for a test drive.

And what about us? What do we get a kid who wants to know everything? Why, books, of course, including one that is supposed to be a Short History of Everything. (Looks interesting… I may read it too!)


Both kids got a ton of books, and Kindles too… books and more books! (ebooks are lighter to pack!) and we really are that desperate to keep Brian, in particular, in reading material! Honor still has Brian’s stash to go through…


Ninja liked the wrapping paper.


There was Minecraft loot. The favorite new tee? The Minecraft periodic table. Yea, this boy likes science!

DSC04347 DSC04403

Girls play Minecraft too!

DSC04430 DSC04503

(Sad Creeper just wants a hug)

New software for our little artist. Kid Pix is a program Honor learned about at school and she really has fun with it.


And speaking of being creative, we got a new Wii game that looked like a lot of fun – CREATE. Well, we’re hoping it is fun. It had good and bad reviews, so we’ll just have to see for ourselves.


Grandma and Grandpa sent a very interesting Lego set for Brian (which he is setting up right this very moment) Thank you!! :) !! We love and miss you very much!!
Oh, and what you can’t tell by this photo, is Honor is making off with the yummy homemade cinnamon popcorn that Aunt Christine and Uncle John sent. (she eventually let us have some too) We very much enjoyed reading all of the nice letters too!!


Brad and I got ourselves more practical things, like needed clothes and cookware, but one indulgence was a pair of fleece rugs for our room (this tile gets chilly!). Fleece is so warm soft!


How soft? The cats loved the rugs. LOVED them. Ninja loved them so much that she wanted to have both of them all to herself. It was really tough for one small cat to try and hog two large rugs, but she tried.


There was a whole bunch of goofing off too.

 DSC04437 DSC04432

Honor had an argument with a parrot. I think she won, but I’m not sure.


And the kitties were not left out. I got them a toilet training set (not kidding, these guys are smart, I figure I’ll give it a try… ) Pixie did not seem impressed.

But they really loved the gift that Honor made for them. A box with holes in it and a treat hidden inside.


We spent our day goofing off, being lazy, playing games, and staying inside… it was wet all day! I made a slow roasted lamb shoulder that turned out perfectly! The meat was so tender that it just fell apart, and it was wonderfully tasty. Not a hint of gaminess. I served it with mint yogurt sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread and green bean casserole. Pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. With plenty leftover too, so I don’t have to cook tonight – whoop! :) ! Speaking of which, I better go get stuff warmed up. Honor is putting another holiday movie in and we’re going to picnic around the tv.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to everyone!


JR said...

We very much enjoyed the Harry and David pears and such! Thanks so much! Your Christmas day looks like it was fantastically fun!!!
--Uncle John

Connie said...

We're glad you liked them! They looked really yummy to us! :) Merry Christmas to you all.