Monday, December 10, 2012

Stuff on Walls

How do you know that you’ve finally ‘arrived’ at a new post. I mean, all the way… fully moved in… ??
Is it when the cats have finished exploring ALL of the new places that they can get to?  … like the cabinets on top of the fridge….


or kitchen cabinets that are normally closed…

pantry cabinets…

A curio cabinet with spots for two cats…

and … reeeally? … the tops of any door they can reach?


Is it when the boxes arrive? When you get your stuff??

Getting stuff is good!


For me, the point that really tells me that we’ve arrived is when stuff gets nailed or taped on the walls. We don’t have a lot of very fancy stuff. We just have stuff that’s become ‘ours’ as we move about, and when it appears out of boxes and wrapping paper, and finds a place in our new house, then the place finally feels like a ‘home’ that we plan to stay at. (well, you know, until we move again!)
The first bit of art on these new walls… created here, by Honor, at her new school:
DSC03746 DSC03748

Kitchen/dining room… I like that we have a good place for this bench here.

This is my ‘office’. Kitchen wall with calendar and bulletin boards!

The hall is no longer an empty span of boring white walls.

Some family treasures to remind us of home.

Some random collectibles

And a kilim that we’ve had as nearly long as we’ve had Brian (it even matches the sofa).

I have other bits, upstairs and down, that I haven’t taken photos of. I didn't plan this blog post. It's a result of my organizing photos from the camera, that the kids and I have been taking recently, and realizing that I had something of a theme here! I am still in process of hanging a few things that the kids have created. I like to display their art too.

DSC01649 DSC01655 DSC01654 DSC01653 DSC01652

Oh, and I have my eye on ‘acquiring’ this painting to put on display too, but Brian hasn’t brought it home from school yet!

Anyway, I think we’re here finally. With the help of a wonderful embassy facilities carpenter, this generic apartment actually looks like it belongs to us now!


Michele said...

LOVE your artwork, all of it! We put up kid art too :)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you! There's nothing compared to the feeling of 'this is my home now'... we just got our stuff [after waiting for over 5 months], and nothing is mounted/taped/nailed to the walls... but the Xmas tree is up, so, at least, the feeling is there! Loved your office... sounds like mine, with the bulletin board and kids drawings... every mom's gotta have one... otherwise, we'd go crazy! Good luck with all the new adjustments! Greetings from another traveling family, in La Paz, Bolivia! :o)

Connie said...

Oh! So glad that you got your belongings finally. Such a good feeling.. overwhelming after so long, but good! Yes, I need my bulletin boards. Most days I remember what I need to, but some mornings, well, it's the only thing that keeps us on track!

Connie said...

Thanks Michele! Our art and such is an odd collection many years in the making and it does make the house our home :)

betty-NZ said...

Yep, it looks like home!

Connie said...

It does Betty. Next trick... decorate for the holidays!