Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

I hope that everyone had a lovely and very Merry Christmas! Here are some photos from our morning!

These guys managed to resist the urge to open prezzies before morning…


Ready to dash into the living room!


New gaming console to share Smile 


Honor gives the kitties some treats.


Brian gets a book that he’s been wanting and Honor and Pixie demonstrate toe washing techniques.


Honor is happy to get a big box for Christmas… silly me, thinking it was just something good to hold the used wrapping paper. Ninja was a bit jealous.


Fortunately, the box is big enough for both of them.


And then, grandma and grandpa sent MORE boxes for the cats… boxes that just happened to have a lot of nice stuff inside for us too!


Brad loves his new sweater and shirt, and you know that I’ll put my pretty new yarn to good use!


Brian LOVES his new slippers and the number keypad too!


Honor loved her new toys too. The soft plush kitties that look like our former kitties Misty and Ramses (she’s named them Mischief and Rambow) and she was very happy  to get presents to give to the cats too!

The cats LOVED their new toys too!


Merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas! Holy smokes Brian is so tall, he must of grown a couple inches since just seeing him this summer! You guys have such a cute Christmas tree! Is that popcorn on it? I would never be patient enough to string popcorn.:)Was it you guys that sent the Frisbee Golf game? If it was thank you! Everyone(including Grandpa)loves playing it. Johnny chucks one though and it hit me right in the nose ha ha. :) We miss you guys!! Love you! :)♥

Connie said...

He did grow more! He's now taller than I am. That's not popcorn, just silver tinsel strands. Our camera is getting a bit old and not taking very clear pictures these days. I don't think we'd string popcorn either... popcorn is better for eating! We did send the frisbee game and we are glad that you like it (sorry your brother mistook you for the target!) It looked like a fun game! We also sent some magazine subscriptions that we thought that you guys would like. :) We hope that you all had a very wonderful and Merry Christmas!!! Lots of love from all of us <3 !!

Anne Maria said...

Super Cat

Anne Maria said...

I love the brown cat