Monday, May 11, 2015

Cousins at the Museum

Brad’s cousin and her family came out to DC recently and we met up at the Air and Space Museum downtown. I didn’t get many good family photos as we were wandering and chatting and looking at stuff instead, but we had a lovely visit with them and enjoyed the museum together. Here are some photos that did turn out nice.

Heading down there by Metro. It was COLD out that day!



The most awesome thing about this cousins picture? These kids haven’t seen each other in forever, they were both small last time, yet, not only were they dressed almost alike, they took to chatting like old friends who just saw each other the day before.


Brian taking a break in a chair, and the girls taking a break by wall-sitting.


Funnily enough, I ended up going back to the same museum a couple of weeks later with Brian’s science class. At least I knew where to find the various exhibits!

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