Monday, May 11, 2015

Learning about Archery

We have started learning archery, as a family, and are really enjoying it. We do not yet have our own gear, but have had training and loaner gear from our local SCA barony – a wonderful group of talented folk. The marshals are inspiring, and safety focused, and make lessons fun.

Brian has taken to it quite well. He’s going to get good fast if he keeps it up.


Honor is finding it a little more difficult to get into, but we hope she’ll continue.


Brad is quite a good shot too, although it’s harder for him to get to practices. I just need to work on consistency! I have my days. We found out that I am left eye dominant now…. used to be right eye, but Lasik must have (maybe?) changed that. This means I had to switch from shooting right handed to left handed. I can aim better, but I am right handed, so learning to handle the bow and arrows ‘backwards’ has been interesting!


In addition to learning archery, we had a lesson in leathercraft and each made our own bracer. I like working with leather! It’s like carving wood, but somewhat different. I want to do more!

Honor made an archer kitty.


Brad chose an oak theme


Brian made a tiger in a top hat!


Because of my awkwardness in shooting left handed, I keep smacking my upper arm with the string (I am getting better!) and so we came up with a longer bracer design.


In other crafting news, Honor had a project for school, so we went out to the shop and broke out the tools. She had to make an invention. Her idea was to make a cat powered, bird feeding, bird powered cat toy. The cats would bat a toy to feed the birds, and the birds moving the feeding platform would wiggle the cat toy.


Our little tool user. She approved of our having a glue gun, but was disappointed in the lack of a scroll saw.


Honor and her invention! We’re not exactly sure how this would mount through a window or screen… obviously, keeping the cats separated from the bird is important!… but this is just a prototype!


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