Sunday, September 14, 2008

... and it's only 9am

So, after a night with several 3am-ish mommy-calls from Honor, I wake up wanting to chuck the alarm out the window because my head hurts so bad I think my eyes should explode. Not 'might' explode, but 'should', because that might make them feel better. I remove the cat staple, struggle out of bed, and plod to the shower. At least the water is hot.

The kids are little logs, but they get moving alright... with extra tickles. Squealing doesn't exactly help my headache, but that's ok. Got them aimed towards clothes, shoes, teeth, hair, etc. Go out to check cats.

One cat has been having litter box issues, so we've been confining them to the area where their box is for awhile now, especially at night. Last night, after weeks of being good, we'd let them have free roam. Well, not only did I have three spots of kitty barf greet me this morning, but a pile of poo, 4 feet away from the litter box. Grrr! Back to jail. (and clean-up time for me)

Ok, breakfeast was served, kids ate... had to re-aim them at getting their stuff together multiple times. I tell Brian to get his Taekwondo outfit and he gets his notebook and forgets his glasses, etc. We are all having one of those days. They start a "Am not! Am too! Did not! Did too!" exchange at the table, but fortunately got past it quickly, and were even being very sweet to each other when divvying up who got to open the door and do the elevator buttons.

Out the door, around masses of boxes and movers in the elevators, we get to the car - fortunately the exit gate had NOT been blocked by the mover's truck (this time) - and we made it, mostly on time, to school. Brad and Brian hopped out and ran in while I parked - somewhere way off down the road from the school, with Honor. She has a little extra time to get in.

As Honor and I walked in, Brad walked out saying Brian needed his hair up for Taekwondo. He said his byes, and hiked off to neverland to try and find the truck and get to work. Fortunately, I found an elastic in my purse for Brian, but sweet little Honor said that he could have one of hers (she had a braid with two elastics) if I didn't have one (I'll have to tell him that). I had one, and we ran over (and up the stairs) to Brian's class - made Honor's day, she loves seeing Brian's class. As I tied his ponytail, I remembered that he has class pictures today. And remembered that we forgot the envelope and money!

O my.. well, I got Honor to the playground with her class, grabbed a photo envelope from the school office, and.... found I didn't have the proper change! Neither did anyone else (and I asked about 10 other moms). Fortunately there's a bagel stand on (the other end of) campus, so a friend and I got bagels, I got change, and I delivered the envelope. I rode home with my friend - today was not a good day for walking.

I'm having my bagel and TWO cups of coffee - and tylenol - for breakfast. Hopefully things will become more sane as the day goes along...


MsTypo said...

Why is that when children awake at 2am they never want their daddies? It must be one of Murphy's many laws. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, how I remember the days of shuffling around in the morning before school...and how much I miss it now that my boys are grown! However...I do occasionally catch them in a "Did not! Did too...Mom!" and I'm always happy to reply, "Boys!"
~ Kitty jail for poo bombing sounds appropriate!

Greetekees said...

Our kiddo (almost 2) had an earinfection and woke up for the past week with an average of three times a night. Every day it took me almost half the day to wake up. Anyway, were did you get those frames. I am looking for an optician myself too.

srsr said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you and your day is much better today--

junglemama said...

Hope you feel better and your day ended well.

Diane Mandy said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!