Saturday, September 20, 2008

Party time

Honor was invited to a classmate's birthday party and she had a lovely time out. One great thing about living in Cairo, is the availability of awesome entertainment! Honor's friend had a beautiful and very special party... the entertainers made sure that all of the kids had a great time, but they never lost track of the birthday girl. It was definitely HER day. It was a great party theme for this age group too. Old enough to enjoy the stories and goofing around with the mime (not scared of strange people in costumes and make-up, etc.), but still young enough to believe in the magic of having a 'real Princess' come to the party. The kids had to have face paint, of course...
And Honor met a mischievous mime!
He teased the kids and chased them around.
Fortunately, a gladiator showed up to take control.
and then the Princess came, and she told the mime that he had to behave.
There was plenty of dancing, of course...
and the Princess told the children a beautiful fairy tale.
After the story, and more dancing, there was a heroic puppet show.
Followed by dress-up, goodies, and cake. In between everything, kids ran around and played and had a lot of fun together. I enjoyed talking with other parents as well.
I have to recommend the company that performed, they did a great job from what I could tell (I wasn't the one who hired them, so I do not have any details at all - just what I saw). Honor had a wonderful time, as a guest, I am sure the birthday girl was even more thrilled by the experience. The company gave us a flyer describing 4 party themes, "Mermaid Princess", "Warrior Prince", "Royal Princess Party" and "Fairy Princess Party", their number is: Theatre Fun, 25 16 4782 (Maadi), or 012-218-4793.


MsTypo said...

That's one of the nice things about this part of the world. You can throw killer kids parties for a fraction of what they would cost in the real world.

Unknown said...

What a birthday party! The photo of your daughter is really special.

You've got me more and more interested in Egypt. How fascinating. Have you always lived there? Sorry to be nosy but I really enjoy getting to know people from other countries, climates, cultures, languages, etc.

Wonderful blog you have!