Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Honor started Irish Dance lessons a while back, after the end of winter break. I made her wait on extra-curricular activities this year because kindergarten was her first year of all day schooling. A full school day is a lot for a little kid. But as she has done well without naps, without being tired and cranky at school or after school, or shown other signs that a full schedule, and then some, was too tough for her... so, I agreed to let her take dance at the beginning of this year.

She had tried beginner's ballet last year, when she got out of pre-school at 1pm, but the place we used before had closed and the other classes that fit our schedule were full. There was a course on Irish dance available though, and she met the age cut-off. I think it has proven to be harder than what she did before ... those jump-overs on toes are not as easy to pick up as you'd think. And they immediately start getting new steps to add to old ones in order to learn the reels. The instructor is good though, and Honor enjoys the class. She has been concerned that we might not have dance at our next home! I hope we do find her something.

Recently the class held a recital. Honor really hasn't learned enough to know the reels, etc. One class a week for a handful of weeks is a good start, but not 'performance ready', but we were very proud of her for being brave enough to participate anyway, and happy that her instructor included her. The girls did a beautiful job, and Honor was eager to continue with lessons.

Getting ready for the big show:
Honor enjoyed watching the older girls dance!

Honor was a little nervous, but her instructor danced with her and held her hand.
Cookies and snacks afterwards.
Our pretty girl
Posing with her proud brother :)
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Rachel said...

That's so cool Honor. I can't wait until I see you again so you can show me how to dance like you.

marina villatoro said...

That's great! I can't believe how fun the schools are there. This is the first year I sent my son all day to preschool as well. And he loves it, he even asks me why I pick him up so early:)

I used to take him to a ton of after school activities, but they were too far, and he detested Tae Kwon Do!

So, now I'm waiting for our move to Guatemala to enroll him again.

Do you have videos of your daughter dancing?

Connie said...

Julia - I am sure Honor would be thrilled to show you how to do the steps she knows :) I bet you could show her a few little bits of music on the piano too. She LOVES music.

Marina - no videos. She really doesn't know the dance yet. Her participation was with a dance she was not familiar with. She held the instructors hand, did some jumpovers, and basically just tried to keep up. Basically this was to give her experience with what a recital is... and I was proud of her getting up in front of a group of unfamiliar people and trying her best. Taekwondo, at this young age, should be more fun and confidence building more than strict structure. Hopefully you will find good activities for him.

Mama Seoul said...

So cute!

junglemama said...

That is really neat. I had never even hear dof Irsih dancing. :)

Connie said...

Here are some good websites:

Wiki articleHere is the softshoe version of the dance that Honor is learning (altho she is usually barefoot :) !)

This video shows a great example of the hardshoe dance with a large group.

rachaelgking said...

I don't remember doing anything HALF that cool when I was in school! :-)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I am so glad to read that Honor is still keeping up with her dance lessons. It is wonderful to see these photos.

I took ballet lessons from the time I was about 4 until 16. I still look back on that time in my life fondly and am sure that Honor will do the same someday too.


Cynthia said...

I love to watch Irish dancing.

MsTypo said...

Irish dancing is so much fun! I grew up listening to irish music and am now a HUGE fan of Celtic Rock. I hope Honor enjoys her lessons. :)