Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh! Christmas Tree

These photos are pre-hospital, but I have been a little bit distracted and am posting late. Our household goods are still not here, and when I mentioned to the kids that it might be a few more weeks, they were very concerned about our Christmas tree! We have a lovely artificial tree in our shipment, but it will not make it on time. Fortunately, Jordan is quite a cosmopolitan city and has a good selection of holiday decor. We easily found a tree and lights! It is probably good to have a ‘stunt-double’ tree this year anyway… three rowdy kittens enjoying their first ever Christmas tree promises to be a mess. Better they abuse this one, and the new, ‘not favorite’ decorations than our good stuff!

We have the perfect spot for a tree this year! Didn’t have to move furniture or remove leaves from the table or anything!


Brian helped dad put the middle section of the tree together.


Honor helped with the (lighter but harder to reach) top section.


We worked together to fluff up the branches



Under the tree is a good place to nap.


Or contemplate your next climb. (fortunately, only Pumpkin seems interested in climbing the tree, and he’s not very good at it!)


Time to decorate!


And un-decorate.


Thanks for the new toys!


Honor’s turn to add the topper.





srsr said...
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srsr said...

Hope you get my...okay, your, big guy home soon. Hugs to all!

Nicole said...

Well it looks perfect! and probably the best kitten toy you could buy :)

Hope your husband is doing better.

Lynda said...

Wow.. that was a close call.. so glad that Hubby is on the mend. Tree looks gorgeous with those kittens underneath. Gotta love a ginger kitty.

Unknown said...

I'm glad I met this blog on the Internet. Congratulations on the interesting posts. Wish you a wonderful evening! smiles

Connie said...

srsr - OUR big guy is home - YAY!

Nicole - the kittens adore their tree!

Lynda - It was too close, glad we got him in when we did. btw - I'll have a new video of the kittens soon.

Dyeve - Hello! And welcome :) Thank you for stopping in.