Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunlight and Rainbows

In the year 2000, we lived in a house with a window in the kitchen. There were other windows visible from the kitchen too. Then we moved. And moved. And moved. And moved. And… you get the picture… and while we had fairly good luck with our housing, we had NO sunlight in the kitchens… sigh. Even when the kitchen was against the outside wall… no windows. I mean, really!? Extremely poor planning if you ask me. If any of those homes had actually belonged to me, I guarantee you, a window would have happened!

A decade passed.

Just about…

It felt longer…

Finally, 2010, and look! We have finally been blessed with WINDOWS!


Kitchen and sitting room. Windows with sunlight and greenery flowing in all over. The photo above is natural light, early morning, most of the sunlight still blocked by the garden walls. Isn’t it inviting? Care to join me for a coffee? There is also a big window over the main sink, which is to the left out of this shot, that brings in more light as the day advances. Lots of lovely sunshine coming in there, so I hung a couple of crystals in the window to catch the rays. Nothing like colorful streaks of light, romping all about, to bring instant fun to your day. Rainbows all over the kitchen.


The kids love the rainbows, but probably not as much as the cats. Cats reeeeally like rainbows.


Just ask Ninja…


This naturally bright kitchen is one of the main reasons why I love this apartment. The sun, the garden, the fresh air through the windows and doors… it’s all good. It makes the whole me feel sunny.


Bitsa Lit said...

that is so beautiful! and the kitties are soo cute! I am with you on the windows matter.
I want to eventually build my own house.... but I want the better part of it to be made of glass. I really want one of those OLD OLD fire ovens in the kitchen as well made out of stone instead of brick... and lots of cedar. Love that too! lol big dreams... hope they come true!
Youre home is simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OH what an insanely cute movie!

Oh I just love kitties. Just love them!

And it thoroughly depresses me to not have windows, so I will say a little prayer right now, "Dear God, please please please let wherever we get posted next have windows. Amen."

Shannon said...

You blog makes me want bid on Jordan next time around. Your kittens are gorgeous with such pretty markings and I love how open the housing seems and now bright sunny windows. Totally Jealous. Is all the housing that good?

Connie said...

SeeThroughGreen - Every time we move, I find things that I like, and do not like, to add to my mental list of what a dream house should have. I am going to be too hard to please ;D Hopefully we can do as you want, and build our own too!

Connie said...

Our apartment is in an obviously older building, and I can see signs of it being maintained as an inventory house for a long time... paint, lots of paint!... but it is very open and bright! Many of the homes here have the high ceilings, some are more modern in design. I haven't seen too many homes, but I haven't heard many complaints... beyond lack of linen closets and no drawers/shelves in the bathrooms! Guess it is common for people to have storage furniture instead, but of course, we don't usually travel with such things. Oh... and window prayers for everyone... may all your kitchens be bright!

Limningedge said...

Gosh, I sneak away for a few days R&R and you stay at home and write a travelogue anyway!
Your Spores reference to DNA connected with the new bridge we saw in Singapore - Double Helix Bridge - quite amazing.
and the kittens, of course, get me everytime, have I said it before? I love ginger cats!

Connie said...

Limningedge - I've been trying to stay busy! And now, I'm going to have to go explore your photos! Can't wait to see :) Lately my net has been bad. I can upload (slowly, but not timing out), but surfing and page loading is horrible. I need to catch up.
We did luck into a pretty set of kittens! I also like that they are active 'talkers', they each have distinct vocabularies and use them frequently.