Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Easter of Firsts

Holidays in a new home are always nice… even if there is an attached learning curve. Where to set up the Christmas tree, how to gather a birthday party crowd, etc. This new home gave us a couple of ‘firsts’ for Easter.

Pixie (and her siblings) LOVED the excitement… AND the loot(!) of their first Easter. Not as much as they loved their first Christmas tree, but they had fun. Imagine trying to dye eggs with a cat determined to run off with one .. or at least roll it off the table and eat it. It’s a good thing these cats do not have thumbs, they manage to ‘steal’ enough as it is… Little furry pirates!


As we are still trying to figure out what to do with parts of our family room we have boxes cluttering up the space in a couple of areas. Add to that the fact the kids have been playing and ‘re-decorating’ the area over Spring break, and, well, this room is a mess! No matter, it made for good indoor egg hiding.


In previous years, we’ve always had to hide eggs inside because we lived in an upper floor apartment without a yard of our own. This year, we had real hard-boiled eggs, and plastic eggs with candy - good chocolate… the kids aren’t very picky, nor do they ever eat that much of the candy(!), but if we’re going to have to help them with it, it might as well be stuff we like too - and we didn’t want to these foods to be out on the ground. Indoors works.


Egg hunting can be a work out.


Hooray for little tiny cute animals! Honor was thrilled to find that a number of the eggs held these surprise ‘friends’!


Even though there was plenty of fun to be had searching for eggs inside, the Easter bunny could not resist our lovely garden. This is definitely a first… our own private back yard egg hunt!


Someone likes the money he found in these plastic eggs!


That Easter bunny must be tall!


And these are truly amazing plants.. most of the time they just grow plain ol’ flowers, but in fall we ‘picked’ kittens here, and in Spring we found eggs, what next??


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration, however you chose to celebrate, with the ones you love.


Bitsa Lit said...

thats Awesome!! I never did an easter egg hunt before!! I should (even though im 19 lol)
p.s! I love your house! It reminds me of like.... a ancient greek temple or something like that! very cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of your housing there in Amman! I always am so grateful when people post pictures and I can tell what the housing looks like.

I love getting a sense of what is out there!

I see you've done a great job of trying to spruce up those white walls with artwork and such. Did you ship all that over to Amman? Is it yours, or does the housing come with the artwork?

Love that they could trick-or-treat outside! It looked like a beautiful day for that!

Unknown said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful easter and a great backyard for an egg hunt!

Connie said...

SeeThroughGreen - You are never too old to enjoy yourself! Go hunt some eggs :) I was raised Christian, and believe in raising our kids to be open and accepting of our culture... including CHristian festivities, the fun and the serious. Of course, I want them to be open and accepting of all faiths, not just Christian. (Although Easter is one that I think is 'ours' ;) !!) We even had a discussion about faith this evening - my 1st grader brought home a Halloween book discussing Christ and Samhain and all sorts of Pagan stuff (looked like an old book, I need to look at it more closely before she returns it to the library - looked very interesting!). Got us into a good discussion about God. I repeated to the kids that I want them to believe in a higher power, God, I want them to believe in the life force of nature, and other than that, to not worry too much about different religions as we simply want them to believe in God for now, and make up their own minds about religion when they get older. It's tough to teach, without trying to brainwash(!), kids about faith! Oh, and I love our house too. Block walls, high ceilings, marble floors... it's an older place and could use more shelves, rooms and closets(!), but it's very homey! I feel so comfy here!

Connie said...

Daring Adventure - I try to share pics of housing, not only to bring my family 'home' to our house, but for others who may one day find themselves posted here. I wish I could have seen more! FYI - our apartment is older than some apartments I've seen around, there are some very modern and lovely apartments out there, but ours is well maintained, and as I said in the previous comment, it is very comfy. I feel at home here. I actually give credit to all the windows, greenery and light... I love it :) The artwork is ours. The Emb. provides furniture and that's it. We've picked things up, quite haphazardly, over the years. Nothing matches, so it all sort of blends together quite well. The one thing that bugs me is I've noticed that we have a number of 'pairs' of things. Two whirling dervish tapestries. Two carvings of parrots... but both have separate meaning... so both will stay. Does this make us look obsessive or ?? Ah.. whatever, I will never be an interior designer, so I suppose we'll just go with it! :)

Connie said...

Connie! Hi Name Sister! :) Yes, we had a lovely Easter and we were tickled to have our own 'outside' to celebrate in... not to mention the lovely sunny and warm weather too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jill said...

I was just about to say that your place looks so big... I've never seen any of the apartments in Jordan - despite having several friends posted there over the years.

Connie said...

Jill - I love this apartment. It is roomy! The tough part has been lack of closets, shelves, and drawers, we've had to get creative(!) and buy a bit of furniture. Tons of space, no place to put things! We also miss having an office... we had one at our last place and miss it. This is a 3bdr. Fortunately, the living area is very large and we can divide it up into sections. I won't ever get it super stylish, but it sure is comfy and livable, and with kids (and herds of cats) that's what's important.

Forgetfulone said...

Looks like such a fun Easter!