Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the way to Petra

{NOTE: We’re still traveling, on the road and usually away from the net. I haven’t got my current photos sorted out, so I’ll share bits and pieces of Petra and Jerash, and eventually catch up with what we’re up too. Hope you all are enjoying your summer too!}

I enjoy driving. I like looking out the window, and seeing what there is to see. Part of the fun of going to Aqaba and Petra, to me, was the getting there. Most of the driving was through fairly arid desert areas, but it was still scenic. The air was so clear that we could see for miles, especially during our trip south! I’m sure that varies depending on wind and other factors, such as the haze we had as we left Aqaba on the way back north. DSC07002

With the exception of the camels we saw, and Bedouins camps, much of this drive reminded me of driving through California.


Seriously… it’s California!DSC07004

Actually, this is the edge of Aqaba and Wadi Rum… Aqaba means ‘obstacles’, which is probably what ancient travelers thought of this route way back before the days of easy to commute highways.

I like how the morning haze turned the normally yellow, red, black, and violet rock to shades of grey. It was driving through a watercolor painting.



The haze lifted as the sun rose, and we could see more details, like this Bedouin camp in the distance.


Their tents were huge, and our driver told us that they were usually erected to take advantage of the direction of the winds.



We also saw many herds of livestock… had to stop the car more than once for goat traffic jams.


Finally we arrived to the area near Petra. Our driver stopped at one point to show us the valley from above. The site was HUGE.


The valley we are looking down in is called Wadi Musa, the Valley of Moses. In addition to the Petra site, there is a well/spring on one of the mountainsides where it is believed that Moses struck the rock with his staff and brought water for his people. It is still used today.

The other end of the valley, and the town.


So much to see… and we weren’t even there yet!


FSO Hopeful said...

Great Pictures. Can't wait to get back to Jordan, Inshaallah!

Connie said...

Inshaallah! There's so much to see! :)

Nicole said...

gosh...I would love to travel to those places. I guess I'll have to live vicariously thru you :) Cant wait to see more pictures!

Connie said...

Nicole - I love to 'travel' to places I've never been, or may ever go, via the photos and blogs of others, so my blog is a way of giving back :) Pack your virtual bags, and come along!

Becky said...

THANK YOU! I'm from California and TOTALLY think much of Jordan's landscape is like CA! :)

Connie said...

Little P - :) I have visited CA often, was just there, and yes, definitely similar!!