Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unable to Connect

… and I don’t care. We are ‘getting away from it all’ so well that we have no internet available. Can you even imagine that? Our cell phone coverage drops in and out too. I’m typing this up on Windows Live Writer and shall save it in draft for when we do have internet again, maybe when we are on down the Pacific coast somewhere, in whatever hotel we find ourselves in next. In the meantime, I am sorting through various photos from recent adventures and plotting future blog posts. I’ll catch up eventually, even if it isn’t timely or in order.

Currently… meaning, as I write this but who knows when I’ll get to push the ‘Publish’ button… we are staying at a cute little vacation cottage within easy walking distance of the beach in Bandon, Oregon. We’d planned a few days here, and I’d researched hotels, but a vacation rental actually turned out to be very competitive. Can’t beat having a 3bdr/2 bath home, with kitchen and laundry room, over a cramped hotel room with only the basic amenities… at a very reasonable and highly (seriously) competitive price! Isn’t it cute?





Bedrooms with tired sleeping kids in them… they were tickled to get their ‘own’ rooms here.



There’s also a master bedroom suite that I do not have pictured. The cottage sleeps 6.

Here’s the family, awake now, relaxing after a morning at the beach.


The house is outfitted with everything you could need, inc. a grill. A hotel can’t beat this! And it really is a short walk to the beach. A pretty walk too… with flowers and nice houses to gaze at on the way.

Gorse and wild rose.


Brad’s grandparents used to live here, right down the road and to the left, on a bluff overlooking the beach. It was fun to take our kids to a place where their dad and his siblings used to play when they were young.


The folks who run the place are wonderful and we set up all of our lodging arrangements by email before our arrival in country. This is a link to their website:

Dave & Eileen Schradieck

Bandon Beach Vacation Properties, LLC


and I highly recommend you consider doing business with this family-run company if you find yourself with some time to spend in Bandon.

Why would you want to come here anyway? I mean, there’s no internet (lol!), and this place is blustery and downright cold in July …. 50s and 60s … yea, us hot weather folks are feeling pretty darn wimpy and frozen about now…  well, more photos in a bit (again, no promises on timeliness or logical sequence of events, we’ve been busy!), and you’ll see! It is very pretty and definitely worth toughing out the chill. I think that today we might go for a horse ride on the beach, and perhaps go hunting for agates.




DSC07532 DSC07459


srsr said...

Wish i was there with you guys!

Connie said...

Will be there with you soon!