Monday, January 3, 2011

A Hat, With Flowers

Over summer vacation last year, I carried with me a bag of miscellaneous, brightly colored, craft floss (which is like embroidery floss, but it doesn’t separate into strands) and an assortment of crochet hooks. I had no actual craft in mind, but it was mobile, easy to stick in my purse during our travels, and I knew I could keep myself busy with it.

I started off crocheting a rectangular ‘doodle’, but at some point Honor told me that she wanted a hat. That request eventually evolved into a hat with flowers or ‘those poofy things’ on top (pom-poms).  I unraveled the rectangular thingy, then started again in a circular manner. One string knotted to the next as the floss was slippery and I felt that without knots, it would fall apart. Random color order. Single crochet. I increased stitch amounts, keeping it flat, until I reached a good size for the top of the hat, then kept it at that circumference until it looked deep enough (Honor tried it on here and there), then I increased stitches to double, in one round, which made for a ruffle-y, floppy brim, and then I crocheted that for a couple of inches and finished off.

The flower trim I made up as I went. Sorry. No notes. I could try to write something up if someone is really interested, but it might be best if you made up our own, or found a book with thread crochet motifs.

I didn’t work on this little project regularly. It was a ‘keep my hands busy’ project that I could carry with me and work on a little at a time, so, a little at a time, I finally got it done! I think it turned out very cute, not as cute as the girl wearing it, but cute.




And to model her new hat, Miss Honor!




Jen said...

It's adorable! I know my 8 year old would love something like that, and thinks yours looks very sweet in it.

Kate said...

Swoon! That is adorable. Another reason I'm sorry I don't have the crafting gene.

Connie said...

Thanks Jen and Kate! I just wish I could come up with crafty things for my son, to be fair. I know he understands. Boys don't wear frilly crochet stuff! But still... maybe one day I'll figure out sweaters, and how to make them fast enough to get them done before he outgrows them! ;D

Becky said...

So cute!

Shannon said...

That is really cute. I am not that good at crocheting one of these days I will figure it out. I dod manage to make hats for the boys last year when we were in Germany after I found some camo colored yarn on base. They loved them.

junglemama said...

Very cute! Love it!

Unknown said...

That hat is sooo Honor! Great job!

Connie said...

Thanks! :) And yes... colorful, girly, and fun is Honor! ;D