Saturday, December 29, 2007


We never quite know what to expect next with Honor. At dinner the other night, as we were all chit-chatting about regular things, Honor suddenly asks: "If I were cheese, but could not turn into a cup, would people who knew I was cheese, think I could not turn into salt and pepper too?". The table got quiet. Then Honor started giggling, and we all started giggling - but, where did that come from?! I guess the answer is, the same place she gets all these things she comes up with - and maybe we aren't meant to know what happens next. Life would be too boring.

Still, as goofy as it was, and as non-mathmatical as I am, she gave me algebra flashbacks. If cheese is A, and cup is B, and salt and pepper are C and D; then if A is not equal to B, and A is not equal to C or D, then B does not equal C or D. Both kids have a scary, natural, affinity for math and logic... definitely got that from Brad! However, Brian's tendency is more orderly and neat; Honor is the one who brings in the cheese.


srsr said...

Whew! My head is spinning. Reminds me of when Brad passed my math capabilities at a fairly young age. BTW, love the picture we got. Your stuff is probably still in the mail. We were a bit tardy.

junglemama said...

This is too funny! LOL. Sounds like something a couple of my kids would say. Happy New Year!