Sunday, December 9, 2007

Teach me to crochet

I was trying to get some actual work done on the computer - instead of the usual playing around - but Honor chose this moment to run up to me with a skein of yarn and ask me how to "make things with yarn with the stick". I took that to mean crochet.. yep, that was it. You know I immediately stopped what I was doing and started sharing!
I was able to convince her that she really needed to learn to finger-crochet before she could learn to use the hooks. She was, typical for a 4yo, and very typical for Honor, highly annoyed that she wasn't able to instantly master the whole of the craft in an instant. But she persevered and we enjoyed a good 20 minutes or so of making chains together and created a couple of bracelets. And, of course, we benefited greatly from the close supervision of Ramses (who is mostly asleep half on/half off the the arm of the couch next to me right now - I am wondering which way he will tip when he goes all the way asleep?)

Next on the kids' agenda is to get a hold of my sewing machine. I have been trying to organize my crafts and get working on things again, but it has been slow going. I know that my toys have been put away too long when Brian mentions that he has never heard of a sewing machine and didn't know what one should look like! Sigh... well, I dug mine out and showed them, and now they want to learn how to use it. I also showed them my hand spindle, wool, carding combs and some yarn I made long, long, ago. I even showed them how to spin - I was completely shocked that the motions still came very naturally!

I put my crafts away because full-time work and full-time motherhood left no real time for hobbies. I have been doing simple, little projects that require very little mental energy, but the 'good stuff' has been stored away for years. The kids are definitely big enough now that I think I can start pulling my toys out of hiding and teaching the kids some things. I remember using my Mom's sewing machine by the time I was 8yo. to make doll clothes. I still have the same sewing box from my 11th birthday. I was crocheting from about 6-8yo as well.

Whether my kids develop a love for my dearest crafts, or not, I want them to keep trying (what they want, I do not intend to force anything!). I want them to learn to make creating a part of their lives. I keep paints, clay, paper and other supplies out and for free access - always have - and they are quick to help themselves to that. I have also added foam shapes, sticks, glue and glitter. Again, they help themselves and create. I want to add to this. Yes, sometimes the mess can be quite spectacular, but learning how to clean up after themselves is part of the process.

I think it is good to have a hobby, not only for mental and physical relaxation, but it helps to develop some basic mechanical and physical manipulation skills. It helps to appreciate good workmanship, and to be picky about anything less - hey, sounds snobbish, but you should have a eye for that when house shopping, car buying, furniture buying, etc! It also helps you to appreciate what we have, why we are so lucky that there is much we can buy at the store ready-made, and the time and special investment made when someone gives you a hand-made gift.

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Oooooo, Annalyn is doing this right now. It is the coolest thing.

Hi Honor!