Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smarter than your average smartphone (I hope)

I am in need of a portable brain. Never had the need or want of one before though, so I'm going in blind and I am overwhelmed with the variety of PDAs, handhelds, and smartphones available. I am also torn over what I truly want.

One side says go for just a good, basic, PDA. The Palm Z22 seems to fit that description perfectly. I have a local phone here as well as a US phone. Do I really need or want another?

The other side of me says, for a bit more cash, I can get all the bells and whistles. I may not need them at first, but I may regret not getting them as I get used to using the device. If I do go for the phone and all, I will need an unlocked quad-band for international roaming. Skype access or similar would also be good.

I've been doing some looking around, and these are my two favorites so far:

The Palm Treo 650 It's not the newest version, but I really do not want the super sports car model - If we consider the V22 to be a VW bug, you might say that I am looking at this Treo and the Nokia below, as something more like a modern hybrid SUV or equivalent. More features and practical goodies, but not useless luxuries that I'll never need.

I also like the Nokia N810. It looks great, and I think the customizable aspect would be very handy (fun), but how well does this pencil-case-looking thingy work as a cellphone?

Anyone have any experience with these? Any other favorites?


junglemama said...

Can't help you sis! I'm cell phone deprived--- by choice. :)

Lloyd said...

They both look good, Connie.

I've a Nokia N95. So far it's done all I want and has loads more that I've yet to discover.

Camera, email, web browsing etc all good.

Oh, and you can telephone people on it too!

Connie said...

Lloyd - I was tempted by the N95. It looks very nice! But as this is my 1st ever PDA/smartphone, I'm trying to keep with one that still has training wheels :-D Will I like using one? How much will I use it? For what? etc.

My geek-self really likes the 810 because of all the open-source customizing that can be done - but I'm thinking that I need to start with something ready, right out of the box.

Thanks for the input!

MsTypo said...

I've never been a big fan of the Treo. I would go with the Nokia myself. They're intuitive, easy to troubleshoot, and find software for. Moreover, while living abroad, you're more likely to be able to get a Nokia fixed if things go hinky.