Friday, December 12, 2008

Breakfast with Santa, Egypt style

The Embassy hosted a party for the children this morning. Breakfast with Santa. I have to admit that it was tough for me to get going. We went to a very nice dinner party with friends last night.. top that off with my need to take a benadryl (an antihistamine) in order to stop sneezing so I could sleep.. well, I slept hard, but not well. That alarm went off WAY too early this morning... but it was for a good cause.

We went to the Club with the kids and had breakfast. The kids had a special meal for free, and parents had access to a buffet. It was crowded, but we lucked into a good table inside. Honor dressed for the occasion - an elf hat, jingle bell bracelets, and a red dress... which just happened to be a red snakeskin patterned galebeya (local tunic) which is a bit unorthodox as Christmas decoration, I suppose, but that's our Honor!
Brian was more his usual casual self in a non-Christmas-y Pokemon shirt - but I'd rather have happy kids wearing what they want, than "fancy dressed 'cause mom said so" grumps. Both kids ran into a bunch of their school friends. After they ate, they ran out to play and left us to enjoy our meals in leisure. Thank goodness we had the extra time... it took awhile to get the much needed coffee.
After everyone had a chance to eat, the kids were gathered together in the lawn for story time. Twas the night before Christmas.
Then, did Santa show up with 8 tiny reindeer? Not in Cairo! No way. Here, Santa rides a camel.
Honor immediately jumped up to come over and tell me that she did NOT want to ride the camel with Santa. Camels are an on/off liking for Honor. I can't blame her - they are quite tall! I reassured her that she didn't have to go for a ride, she could meet Santa on the ground.
The line was long, but fortunately Brian and Honor were happy to go see Santa together. Brian knew just what to ask for. A baby dragon. A real one.
(btw, yes, that elf is wearing flip flops and shorts - it was quite warm today.)
Honor was a little more shy, but she was able to tell Santa that she wanted a toy cat.

Merry Christmas!!! (almost...)


MsTypo said...

Sorry to hear that you have the flu is that is going 'round at the moment. :( That holiday party for the kids sounds great! I love those little parties that keep various holidays alive for kids while abroad. :)

Tina in CT said...

Sure looks funnny to see an elf in shorts and flip flops two weeks before Xmas while here in southern New England, it was cold and windy tonight. Looks like the Embassy put on a good party for the American kids.