Thursday, December 4, 2008

I will not learn

You'd think I'd learn. After countless repetitions of the same error - an error that involves my suffering acute pain - you'd think I'd figure it out.

Iron pills. Vitamins with iron in them. DO NOT TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! No. La. Nyet. Just. Don't.

I'm not used to taking any medicine on a regular basis but I've been trying to fit daily multivitamins in my schedule since before I got pregnant with our first child. I don't usually remember. I'll think about it after I get sick, or when I see the bottle, but after a day or so, I'll lose track again. I did take the vitamins when I was pregnant, but Brad helped. My blood work then was always good - it's very good still - so I never worry about it. I still think vitamins are a good idea... but, too often I find that I am throwing away expired bottles of forgotten supplements.

After hitting 40, I've tried even harder to take vitamins - with iron - as I sometimes get more fatigued that I used to. I was worried about thyroid issues, but so far tests are good, except slight anemia for no reason found... it's probably age. I should take vitamins - with iron. I try. I forget. I do better by keeping the tablets at the table where I might see them at dinner... the kids know the meds are not candy, and we've also taught them to sound the alarm if other kids touch them. Vitamins with dinner do not try to kill me... when I remember to take them.

I forgot again, evening before last, to take my vitamin, and as I was feeling particularly worn down the next day, I took the vitamin as soon as I got back from dropping the kids at school. I told myself that I would immediately eat breakfast too, although I never sit down right away. But, I didn't want to forget, so I took it. Then, immediately went off to make beds and start laundry.

And this gets us to the part that I will never learn. See, I don't really think it is too odd that I can't seem to remember my vitamins. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I remember IMPORTANT meds. Things that are prescribed, etc. Vitamins seem to be filed under 'supplements' in my brain and do not rate as high on my priority list. I am also sure that I'm not the only one who sometimes forgets to take vitamins, or other medicine, with food, and later regrets it. I admit that I am easily distracted, but many people are.

Also, I'm usually(!) pretty darn good at remembering the cause and effect of things. If I do THIS, then THAT, will happen, so, if THAT has happened, then THIS is probably what I did to set it off.

Me+THIS=THAT which is the same as THAT=THIS +Me. Right?? Makes simple sense. I think I understand the logic.

So why can't I apply that theory to vitamins?? I don't. I take vitamins on an empty stomach... and forget about it. Completely. So completely, that when the excruciating stomach spasms start tearing through my body when the vitamin with iron dissolves... I panic. What the heck? Why can't I remember that my taking iron on an empty stomach causes a certain type of agony - and so, when I feel this agony, I should remember that I just took iron on an empty stomach??

No, I think instead that I must be suddenly terminal. Is it food poisoning?? Exotic parasites that have hatched and are digging their way out? Shall I run to a taxi and get to the hospital? It can't be the flu! I don't have a fever! I look for blood and mysterious wounds appearing. Nothing! What is going on?!?... eventually, as I am about to fall to the floor and crawl heroically to the phone to call my husband and tell him he has to arrange for someone else to get the kids from school because I'm dying,.. eventually, I'll remember the vitamin. And iron. And empty stomach. So, after not-so-heroically eating a few crackers and laying still for about 10 minutes, I'll find that I can live again, and move, and get on with my day.

Yes. I've done this more than once. I don't know how many times. Will I do it again? I hope not. Maybe my writing this little essay will banish this particular bit of foolishness forever - expose the silly little brain vampire to the sun where I can watch it turn to ash. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if I do put myself through this again though... apparently what I've been through is not enough to teach me. Perhaps I should just adopt the attitude that panic attacks might be good workouts for the heart and brain... like wind sprints. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right?


MsTypo said...

At least you can take vitamins. My only choice is Flinstones! Those One a Day things are massive horse pills - my throat closes up just thinking about them! *shudder*

Hope you feel better. And next time you want to take a vitamin or Iron pill post it as your "is" on facebook and wait at least 60 minutes for someone to remind you to eat first. ;) :)

Connie said...

What makes you think I'm that organized??!! ;-D

I recover fast... I just always feel silly/stupid for not remembering!

Simple Answer said...

I think you are logical. Where we live? Parasite always comes to mind first off!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I do this ALL THE TIME! :P I`m chronically anemic, too, so iron pills are a necessity, but do you think I remember them? Oh no. Instead, I drag through the days, wondering why I`m so tired and dizzy until someone like Irving or my mom reminds me. :P And then I take them on an empty stomach, because, like you, I tend to get busy doing things besides eating. :)

As for missing the whole teen thing . . . you know, I dated older guys (as in MUCH older) when I was younger, too. But still, teen vampires attract me. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do that too -- forget my med and then wonder why I'm feeling so awful. Just wanted to say that I love the posts you make to your nieces on Smiles and Trials -- Always well expressed and showing great care.

Connie said...


Thanks :-) I'm blessed with very sweet nieces and I am proud of their work on their blogs. Of course, I'm proud of all my nieces and nephews.. not just the Smiles and Trials bunch either. I'm a lucky aunt! (and mom too!)

rachaelgking said...

I can't take vitamins on an empty stomach either- I keep them on my desk at work and take them with my lunch every day. Although, them being on my desk still isn't enough... I actually had to set a reminder in my Outlook calendar. Redic, I know.