Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beware of… dinosaurs??!

Finally, someone un-broke blogger and I can blog again…
As we made our way down Highway 101, following the coast some times, heading inland at other times, we came around a bend and found dinosaurs! I kid you not.
Giganto, life-sized, dinosaurs. Fortunately, they were fake and didn’t eat us.
We’d found The Prehistoric Gardens near Port Orford, Oregon, and there were some big beasties roaming this little sector of the Oregon rain forest.
It was a small park and it didn’t take us too long to hike around the path. The dinosaurs were labeled, with pronunciation guides to help out ignorant parents, and there were a good number of displays with scientific facts about the dinosaurs, and about the plants. I liked the statues, but have to admit that I was particularly amazed at the greenery. It was definitely less of a coastal forest, and more tropical! I had no idea Oregon had rain forests.
My explorers.
The turtle is huge, but check out the ferns and other leafy plants here! This was definitely the right place to set up this prehistoric display.
Ferns that are taller than my 6ft+ husband… your houseplants would cower and hide under the sofa.
This little park made a fun, educational, and very refreshing stop. We enjoyed our little walk through the woods, the last bit of which we shared with another family who just happened to walk the path with us. Their little girl (2-3yo) decided she needed to show me all the displays, so she came up, took me by one finger, and started telling me about her favorite things, very cute.


Emily said...

That looks like so much fun! It reminds me of Jurassic Park. What an adventure!

Connie said...

It was a cute park, and a great excuse to go wandering through the woods. The greenery was simply lush!