Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We’re home again

We had a lovely R&R back in the US. We got to visit a bunch of relatives in Oregon who we haven’t seen in ages ..literally… kids were so young last time we saw some of these relations it was like meeting them for the first time. And some we did meet for the first time, as some hadn’t been born the last time we were in the area! Wonderful to meet these new family members! We also had an awesome road trip, stopping at all of the fun tourist-y things we saw on the way, down HWY101 in Oregon and California. I’ll be posting some photos later… no way I could keep up with blogging while we were on the road, as we were constantly moving and busy. A good busy! But we had some wonderful, and very scenic, adventures and I’ll catch up when I can. We ended our trip by visiting with more relations, including 2 new adopted kids, in-laws, and grandparents in California, and my sister and her family in Oklahoma … CA and OK were so hot that it was a relief to get off the plane in Jordan last night and feel the cool night breeze here!

Our flights back were long, but all went smooth, even though there was a slight delay in England… easily forgiven because British Midlands upgraded us to Business Class (Thank you!). A driver was waiting to pick us up at the airport, and we came home to very excited kitties who had missed us very much. We missed them too. There was much cuddling. We arrived at night, and were all very tired, so we actually slept well. I’m hoping this bodes well against jet lag… we usually get hit worse on the way to the US, but still, the later flight arrival seems to be a good thing.

The house is clean (thanks to the maid), the fridge is empty, Brad’s off to work, and we’ve some unpacking and other work to do, but right now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, and I’m heading off to my Google Reader to do a little catching up on what others have been up to these past few weeks!

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Mama Seoul said...

Yay for Business Class! Eva, Ian and I got upgraded on the way to the US. Awesome, especially when traveling by myself!