Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Car Stuff

I had asked our bawab to do a thorough scrub of the car interior yesterday, as it was a bit overdue, and I went out too, to do a little maintenance. Our truck now has brand new wiper blades, front and back, and a rear wiper arm that functions again, meaning, it doesn’t hang down sadly in a pathetic and broken manner. Hopefully it’s fixed for good, not temporarily, this time. We’ll see. I had better tools to use yesterday. I changed the air filter, checked the fluids, and even replaced an interior bulb (tricky) and the rear turn signal bulb (easy).

I’m not sure that our poor old SUV knew what to do with all of that positive attention! I only mention this to share a good online resource:

I love shopping at D&M Auto online for car bits. I’m pretty clueless about car stuff and it’s the best website I’ve ever had to deal with. Good, personal, customer service, fair prices, and excellent quality. Friendly to APO and military/government employees too, and items ordered show up fast and packed well.


Cynthia said...

Cats are a law onto themselves aren't they?

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