Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Election Festivities

They are LARGE, garish, block your vision and blind you at busy intersections. They blow in the wind, pull loose from their mooring, and dangle long ropes into traffic… but they are bright, cheerful, and make me think I should be celebrating.

octphone 063

octphone 065

If you look at the row of trees on the left, you can make out a line of signs, like every 15-20 feet, aaallll the way down the road.

octphone 067

It’s election time, and the signage is spectacular. No buildings draped with bunting, like in Cairo, but there’s plenty else flapping in the breeze, distracting drivers. 

octphone 068

The circles and intersections are filled … never mind that these billboards block your view as you come into merge into traffic.

octphone 070

One sign that I haven’t caught yet is a general notice about the elections. It’s cute little cartoon voter. It, and many of the other signs actually, are filled with almost stern admonitions about how voting is your duty, a responsibility. Also, there are many comparisons to voting being equal to ones rights and freedom. Pretty neat really, (but hopefully these colorful traffic impediments will be down soon… I almost had a loose rope catch (hit) the front of my truck today.)


Jill said...

Oh how I remember seeing all of those postings. Everywhere!

Connie said...

Even though they are obviously election propaganda, whether you can read the Arabic or not, they still make me feel like there's a party going on somewhere!