Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Music in the Mail

Music is good for you and our family enjoys all sorts. We have always joked that Honor came with her own soundtrack because if she isn’t talking, she’s singing, or humming, or doing something to make noise. Brian is getting to be pretty good with whistling. He hasn’t got a good range of notes, yet, but he can pipe out a recognizable tune. His favorite tune to whistle is THIS would you believe?? As for actual music lessons though, outside of school music class, we haven’t been pushing it. We waited until Brian showed an interest (signing up for keyboard class as his music ‘elective’ this year helped motivate him), and until Honor seemed old enough to sit still and pay attention. The start of this school year seemed to be a perfect time.

Homework and taekwondo limits the opportunity for lessons to once a week, but they have a wonderful teacher and the kids like their classes. Our only problem was a lack of an instrument to play at home for practice. Honor had a small toy keyboard. Perhaps 30 keys. Enough to practice the notes, but it was… well… lame. Our neighbors then loaned us their keyboard and the kids have gotten more out of practice since then. They’ve been playing for about two months total now, working hard and having fun, and we needed an instrument of our own.

Thank you Amazon.com!

The biggest box of mystery treasure… EVER!


If the head fits in, so will everything else. DSC08486

I’ll get this part out for you.


Parts is parts


Two seconds after I get the last bolt in place, Pixie acts to protect her reputation as Queen of all places UP.  First, yet again…




Of course, the best part was yet to come. The test drive. Brian has just got to the point of playing pieces with both hands like this.


Honor doesn’t have supplementary lessons at school, so she’s not as far in the lesson book as Brian is. She does get some extra help here and there though, see…


Bfiles said...

I didn't know they made such large keyboards, how cool! And the kids are so cute playing their songs.

Connie said...

Bfiles - Thanks! I think they're cute too :) I'm learning about these things as we go... I wanted a real piano, but that wasn't going to happen. This digital piano was close enough for now. I posted extra details here .

Jill said...

Wow - you got that in the mail? Seriously? And it made it in one piece? I am amazed.

Brian's really good for only taking lessons for 2 months. And you're right, it really does sound like a real piano.

I think the cat played the piano more than Honor did though ... holy bold they are batman! :) The two of you have great laughs.

Connie said...

Jill - I was pleasantly surprised to see it arrive safely... I hit that 'submit order' button with no small amount of fear. It only took, um... (check dates)... about 12 days to get here too. Except the box only having a single strip of tape on the top seam, it was very well packed!

Brian is doing well! He takes it very seriously. Honor is doing well too, but she lacks the confidence. She'll get to the 'Oh! I CAN do this!' point soon enough... as for Ninja, anything Honor does, she does too!