Friday, December 30, 2011

A Box in the Mail

My sister and her family sent the kids a box of fun prezzies in the mail, which arrived just a couple days after Christmas. I didn’t catch any photos of the kids opening the box from their grandparents on Christmas morning… they were too fast(!)… but I caught them this time! It was like a second holiday here when the kids opened it up! They really enjoyed all of their gifts, even the personalized pillows! :)



Sorry that this one is a little blurry, Brian liked the puzzles very much!


Honor really likes her new buddy too.


Ninja liked all of her gifts as well.


(Technically, they are the same ones you sent to Honor, but Ninja believes that what belongs to Honor, belongs to Ninja!)

Thank you very much, Merry Christmas, and lots of love to you all!!

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