Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Altar of Kibble

I have posted before, about the little things I find from my kids that totally make my day. They either decorate the house and/or leave their toys posed in ways that make me giggle – They Decorate my Life – or they leave me little notes or toys as presents. I used to always find toys on my bedstand or on my pillow. I still do, but not as often. They express their affection in other ways as they’ve grown older, but I will never forget the ‘offerings’ or love notes! – Look Under Pellow.

Apparently though, human kids aren’t the only ones to submit offerings to the mom who provides love and food.


Not just one, but TWO, of their favorite toys in the whole world. Yes, desperate fur creatures who ask so sweetly, I will keep your kibble bowl stocked.

And your belly …. which you also offer up whenever you want love … I’ll rub that too!



Because you are the baby… it may sound silly… but we both know it. (Pumpkin.. totally busted being a baby….)


and here are a few more cute photos, just in case you aren’t feeling warm and fuzzy enough yet…


Pixie – always so pretty. 


Ninja showing off her pink toes.


Sisters – can be so sweet… when they aren’t picking on each other.



Daniela Swider said...

Cute post! Love your new header too!!! Nice job!

Mama Seoul said...

Love the new blog look!

Connie said...

Thanks! The blog was past due a new look :) !