Sunday, January 24, 2010

Extra Socks

It’s a good thing that we have more than, say, 5 pairs of socks each, ie. one pair for each day of the work week. No, we would never survive on that measly amount of foot undies. Not only do our socks get more dirty than our other clothes on a regular basis, sometimes (often) requiring a second wash in hot water and bleach – we are a house full of sock-footin’ kids (and mom) -  but they also tend to be the main cause of ‘go back and change’. More so than any other bit of clothing. You know, water spills, you go to clean it up, you step in the wet… etc. Socks are trouble. Also, as anyone who washes clothes can tell you, socks have a bad habit of not sticking close to their battle buddy. They routinely split up and head off on their own adventures. This is dangerous. They get tossed under dressers, lost in sheets, tucked into shoes, left behind inside pant legs, you name it, and that’s only what might happen on the way to the washing machine. They must still, eventually, negotiate their way BACK, hopefully in sets of two, to the sock drawer.

Well, I don’t mean to alarm you, but we have discovered another startling explanation as to why socks go missing. Beware, you might have a Ninja lurking about in your house:

As to why Ninjas need socks, we have a theory. Our Ninja uses the sock as ‘bait’. She could run off with her prey and play with it in private, if that were her goal, however, we believe the sock is not her intended target. Rather, she makes a point of innocently running back and forth with it, in front of her siblings… with nary a “Nyaah! Nyaah!” or “Neener Neener!” to be heard, because, of course, a Ninja assault must not be predicted or noticed, until it is too late.  Eventually, a brother or sister will succumb and chase the Ninja, thinking to pounce and chew on her while she is distracted with her sock … and will learn the hard way that this was her plan all along. Ninjas are always training.

note: One good thing about our Ninja, is she often returns the socks to where she finds them, when she’s done with them… as she did with the one in this clip!  (After using it against Pumpkin, that is). A good Ninja also takes care of her weapons.


Kimmie said...

too funny if you could only teach your Ninja how to run the washing machine and dryer.


mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Connie said...

Kimmie - If only! But the laundry is down in the basement, out of the house, and she's not allowed to go. She'd have trouble with the keys, and measuring the soap, anyway. ;-)

Tanya said...

Not really on topic but I wonder if you could help. Mac is starting a blog on TCKs (third culture kids) and needs people- kids and adults to answer some questions. You can find him at the questions and instructions are at the bottom of the webpage. The project is his Grade 10 IB Personal Project and is not an analysis or even about statistics more about his journey conceiving and launching a project successfully (or not)on his own. I thought of you guys this mroning and wondered if the kids would like to give it a go?

betty-NZ said...

If only we could train the sock-wearers to put them where they belong, like Ninja did!

Connie said...

Tanya, sure thing. Glad to help out :)

Bettyl - It doesn't help that our covered laundry baskets haven't arrived yet. We are using rubbermaid laundry baskets as hampers. It encourages the tossing of clothes in 'the general direction', and cats to leap in to play! Hopefully our hampers will get here soon, and all socks will be safe(r).

Expat Mom said...

We rarely use socks at our house thanks to sensitive toes around here. Irving is the only one who actually uses them. The rest of us can't stand the feel of socks on our feet against the tile floor . . . ick! Sure cuts down on how many get lost though, since we don't have a Ninja . .. just two boys who tend to shed shoes, socks and other clothing about the property.