Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not just me

I thought the rains yesterday were heavy, but I’ve been out of wet weather so long, I assumed that I was just easily impressed. But it wasn’t just my imagination. Yesterday’s rains were newsworthy.

The Jordan Times reported flash floods around the country that trapped people, caused accidents, flooded homes, and even required the evacuation of 150 tourists out of Petra. This wet weather is supposed to last through Thursday – hopefully in a less extreme state. The good news is that this is a lot of water heading into the reservoirs!

It appears that the weather was worse elsewhere – or perhaps the weather was the same, but the effects were worse. The news states that 7 people were killed in flash floods in Egypt, roads washed out, houses washed away, etc. Scary.


Expat Mom said...

Goodness, that IS a lot of water! I can just imagine how the desert is going to explode into bloom after all this. :)

Tanya said...

It seems noone is having a predictable season this year. Nice to have some rain in the desert tho!

Lydia said...

Ooh ooh, and Spence said that it has been raining in Baghdad. So, a wet middle east for once!

Connie said...

It has been damp this year - although it is best when the rain arrives a bit slower than it did this week. It was truly spectacular! The fields around town are very green. It's actually meant that we haven't been seeing as many bedouins around... they probably do not have to travel as much in order to find grazing for their herds. It's still raining today, although only in a nice drizzle, and is supposed to rain tomorrow too. I need to go to the Embassy to run a few errands - but it's cold and I have no raincoat (well, I do, but it hasn't arrived yet - our stuff IS in country now though - yay!). Not sure if I will brave the weather.

Lynda said...

Rain in the middle east always seems to come as a shock. Better than sand I suppose.

Kimmie said...

Wow, washing a house away...that is quite the rain!

Nice to meet you...I popped over from Genesis' blog.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted
*expecting again from Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read stories like this. BTW add more pics :)

Connie said...

More pics when our net starts behaving. It's been very miserable lately. Hopefully soon :)