Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice cream lunch and living room campout

We've been taking it easy this week. It is the first week of summer vacation, but Brian started it with a cold. We've been staying in, cool and quiet. He was feeling better today, but we still stayed in. Had more fun playing and goofing off though.

For lunch, we had ice cream, then had noodles and egg rolls for dessert. The kids made their own ice cream meals. We don't eat a lot of ice cream - it usually stays in the freezer too long and goes completely icey before we make it through a carton and it has to be tossed. They had fun with the chocolate sauce, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc. btw, gotta love what kids wear when turned loose to dress themselves.
After dinner, we got tons of pillows and blankets and made a campsite in the living room by the window. I left the drapes open so we could see the sky. I'd like to say 'stars', but there's too much smog and light pollution for that. We get an occasional airplane. I'll be joining them in a few minutes.. sure hope my back forgives me!


junglemama said...

How fun! Personally, I would have snuck back to my bed in the middle of the night. :)

Unknown said...

I doubt I would wait until the middle of the night...long enough for them to fall aleep. I'm a meanie mom.

You're a cool mom, Connie!

Connie said...

Cool? Sure.. i'll take that! Better than 'creaky-boned'. Once I got down there and half-asleep (took awhile for giggley kids to settle) it was too tough to convince myself to move again! ;-) I survived.

Mama Seoul said...

Fun memories for them to have!