Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No more waiting

It's like my birthday, only better, it's not my birthday at all - it's the adoption of my newest nephew. I can't wait to open the 'package' of my sister-in-law's next blog and see what there is inside. Christine and her husband John are in the Ukraine, right now, working through the official process to adopt a child. A young boy named Dennis. Christine has brought us all along with her on this journey, and I am happy to see them so close to reaching this point. I won't say 'destination', because adoption will only be the beginning, but it is a important place along the route.

I won't pretend to understand how this process works, but I am thrilled with how thrilled they are to have taken this step to bring a child into their loving family. I am also praying that Dennis will be going back home with them as soon as possible. They've been working on this adoption for so long now, it seems wrong that he isn't already back in California meeting his new siblings! His new cousins are also very anxious to know that he is 'adopted all the way' too. Ok, I know... it's best that this lengthy process exists, for the sake of the children, but oh my! please hurry and get him home! :-)

Next time we gather at grandpa and grandma's, I want to repeat this photo, with the two new Reed boys added in! (and later, I'll just have to figure out how to photoshop in my sister's kids, so we can have all our nieces and nephews in one picture)


Mama Seoul said...

I love following this story as well. So exciting. I've noticed that some people have left my blog and gone to your blog. The Feedjit tells you that. Cool, huh? I've gotten traffic from Christine's blog as well. It is very interesting to see how people find each other's blogs. I was searching for Egypt blogs and there are some and some with blog lists where you can add your blog. Neat.

Connie said...

I like to browse thru blogs and read people's opinions and insights on news and other things .. and it is very handy to go through the links on blogs you already enjoy in order to find more with a similar style. :)

Anonymous said...

Stella Artois beer is from Belgium.



Mama Seoul said...

The local beer in Egypt is Stella as well. Different from the Belgian beer.

Connie said...

Just 'Stella', not 'Stella Artois' (although that is a worthy mention ;D!) check it out: