Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer to-do

What have we been up to since school let out? Besides taekwondo?! Well, here is a little sampler. I am sure it is "To be continued":

Well, first of all, there was two weeks of summer camp at the school. The kids had a full day, every day, of sports, swimming and arts. The program was well-run and they had a blast. I didn't get many pictures as my role was only 'drop off and pick up' but they were excited to go each morning, and exhausted and happy each afternoon. So tired they'd barely stay awake through dinner.

A little playstation game sharing is nice too - when it is too hot to be outside.
Brian likes to invade my laptop. He's reading Aunt Christine's blog "The Ukraine Train" here. We all want Dennis home as soon as possible!
A dress-up Princess tea party is a nice way to spend the afternoon with a friend.
Followed by a dress-up Princess - and not dress up Prince - Chinese take-out party in the evening.

Not all is for playtime though. We have to do some work too. Honor likes to wash the balcony and plants - it gets very dusty out there. She gets it very wet out there. Good way to play outside, splash in some water, and actually get some good work done too.
Thirsty plants - but not for long, when Honor is on the job.


Mama Seoul said...

I think this is cute for a girly girl and wouldn't be too difficult to make. When I saw Honor I thought she might like it. She could wear these to school:

Connie said...

Those are cute! Hmm? Soon we will be in the land of JoAnn's crafts stores.. hee hee! might have to go shopping!