Monday, June 9, 2008

Riding around

Some of my favorite sights in Cairo, are not of the famous sights. I like seeing what there is to see as we drive around. However, as I generally enjoy driving - even in this traffic - more than Brad does, I'm often behind the wheel, not behind the camera. I try to get some photos when I have the chance though.

Taking photos from a moving vehicle here is tough. There is no such thing as smooth rolling or clean windows. This batch was grabbed on a very bright day, from the back of a very bouncy bus! But, I cannot resist. I snap away - thank goodness for digital cameras - I can throw away 20 bad shots for every good one. And also, thank goodness for Photoshop. Not only can I crop off the bad bits of a photo (ie. the glare, phone pole, car window frame, etc.), I can also PLAY! Most photos, I definitely prefer 'as is', but I enjoy the B&W effects, or sepia tone, on some shots. And sometimes, I like a particular piece of a photo... a store front, a person, a blurred vehicle, a gate... and I like to see what I can do with those interesting bits. I am still learning how to work Photoshop. It is a complex tool and I am definitely not up to professional quality tinkering, there are some techniques I definitely need to learn to 'smooth out', but I'm having fun as I try to get there. Please ignore the rough edges, and enjoy the ride through Giza streets.
(FYI - you can click on the colorful round Picasa icon, lower right corner, and bring this up in a better slideshow viewer.)


Anonymous said...

Nice work Connie! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed the road trip.

junglemama said...

Thanks for the pics. I can't wait to see you guys in July.