Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hooray for beef brisket! Wow, that's good stuff! It can be a tough cut, but full of flavor if cooked slow to yummy tenderness. We got a brisket the other day, on a whim, and I popped it in the oven Saturday morning.

I got a large baking sheet, lined the bottom with aluminum foil, put the brisket in. I added a bit of teriyaki sauce, covered it with more aluminum foil, sealed the edges, and put it in the middle rack of the oven at 250F. Cooked it from 10am until 6pm when we served it up with baked potatoes and asparagus. oh yummy! Tender and juicy beef! Good leftovers tonight, and even more leftover for tomorrow. I had suggested we use some for awesome beef burritos, but Brad won't hear of it... doesn't want anything to mute the taste.


MsTypo said...

The adorable dancing cow aside, your dinner sounds tres tasty!! Do you get your meat from the commissary or a local butcher?

junglemama said...

This sounds really yummy! Unfortunately around here if I want brisket, I have to buy 12 pounds of it at a time.

BTW, Dennis looks adorable in the Egypt t-shirts!

Connie said...

Cairo Typ0 - I shop at the commissary once a week and pick up random things here and there as needed - simply because I hate to shop, and prefer one-stop-per-week groceries. I've never had a problem with the local meats. The Seoudi market chain is reputable. There is also a recommended (I have not tried them myself) imported meats shop near the Carrefour off the ring road near Maadi. It's call Gourmet Egypt, and yes, they deliver - of course!

Christine - hey sis, I am glad Dennis can use the shirts :-) the kids and I had fun picking them out.

Simple Answer said...

commissary? cheap prices? good brisket? stop already. You're breaking my heart.