Friday, October 31, 2008

Four Foods on Friday #53

Here are this week’s four questions.

#1. What kind of pretzels are your favorite?

The big giant soft pretzels you find at specialty stores or a county fair - with huge crunchy bits of salt, and molten cheese for dipping.

#2. What’s your favorite way to eat pancakes?

With fruit, syrup and cool whip on top. I also like to add things to the batter as I cook - first few pancakes will be plain, then I'll add a chocolate chips in the next few, frozen blueberries in the next few. Or, I might divide the batter out into bowls. One bowl will get Ovaltine (malt chocolate), one will get strawberry flavored Carnation breakfast drink powder and chopped up frozen strawberries, one might get the vanilla flavored breakfast drink, or just a few drop of vanilla extract. Mmmm! How about pancakes for lunch??

#3. Do you make garlic bread from scratch or buy frozen?

Yes. I like garlic bread anyway I can get it.

#4. Share a recipe that calls for mozzarella cheese.

Right now, I'm craving sliced tomatos, baked with mozzarella cheese. Simple, but heavenly! And I have these Trisket(sp?) crackers, not the original/plain style, but a version with rosemary. Doesn't that sound yummy? Rosemary crackers with tomatos and mozzarella cheese baked on... oh, if I only had some mozarella!


MsTypo said...

I am a big fan of tomato and motzerella salads. Hmmmm I sense some lunch in the offing! :)

Gutsy Living said...

I read a recipe for pancakes that Rachel Ray had. You add 1/4 cup peanut butter to batter and heat jelly so it melts as a topping on peanut butter pancakes. Never tried it, but it sounds good.

Anele said...

Wow you do fancy pancakes! :)

Anonymous said...

Those big soft pretzels are so good. I also like them with mustard.

Anonymous said...

You are the pancake expert! We just use Batter Blaster.

Anonymous said...

I love those big soft pretzels. I know they are probably not good for me but I always feel like I am eating healthier than buying a cookie when I am at the mall.