Friday, October 3, 2008

New Addiction

A meme, sort of - but I have only one to list. It's SO addictive that I don't have time for any other addictions currently. The whole family has been sucked in. It's my husband's fault, he found it.

Caffienated Cowgirl at Just this side of normal posted her version of this meme. I'm cheating, but I simply do not have enough good ideas to fill out this whole meme requirement, so if you think you have 5 interesting current addictions to blog about, you can find the rules at her blog.

This game should come with a 'May be addictive' warning - the easy levels get you hooked - so you've been warned:

Fantastic Contraption: A fun online physics puzzle game

(yes, that does say physics - you can call this 'educational' to validate the need to play. AND, you don't need access to the APO to get it either! ;-) !)

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Simple Answer said...

Yep. You can call it addictive!