Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Random Things about me: Cairo edition

I've been tagged by Earth to Danie. She was tagged by a friend in the Netherlands, so she did this meme as an Indian version. I'll follow up with Egyptian style, and spread the word that this is a 'tag, you're it' with local flavor, please.

1) My friend and I took our daughters to a very nice salon for manicures today; the Egypt moment was maneuvering our SUV to park on one side of a tiny intersection, as a couple of kids parked their donkey cart on the other - about 15 feet away. You never know what to expect in traffic.

2) I am so spoiled with delivery everything. Pharmacy, wine, flowers, food, etc. Our kids will be shocked when we get home and find out McD's doesn't deliver in the US.

3) I don't like much of the food here. There's no spice! But I love the fresh baladi bread, and it's easy to find awesome coffees and teas just about anywhere.

4) The 'famous', ancient Egyptian artifacts and other touristy spots are cool, but I enjoy people watching, normal town scenes, and observing every day life even more. I've probably taken more photos out the car window, than at the sites.

5) I hate to shop - very tough condition to have in a place where everyone wants you to buy something.

6) I am an odd one out. Everyone is complaining about the weather getting hotter as summer approaches. I like the hot weather. Wish we had rain though.

The end.

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And, although I hardly know anyone yet who blogs(!), I will pass this along to Lloyd, Cairo Mama (now in Seoul), and my super-blogging sister-in-law.


Unknown said...

Haha! Our version of McD's drive-thru is sending our driver to go pick it up. Repatriating will be tough.

Unknown said...

PS...fantastic photos!

Mama Seoul said...

My post is up!