Tuesday, May 6, 2008

But how can you tell?

Honor found an ant in the house, or maybe she got it from the balcony? She was very happy to carry it around and talk to it for quite awhile. She said the ant loved her and didn't want to get off her hand. She brought it to me and said, "Look! It's a girl!" Really? How do you know? Does she have eyelashes? "No," Honor answered. "She just is, you can tell."


junglemama said...

LOL. I can barely tell if a kitten is a boy or a girl let alone an ant. :)

Lloyd said...

I think she's very perceptive. I believe male ants have wings, mate in flight and then die. Ants roaming around like this will no doubt be female. Well done Honor : ))

(Don't ask how I know this lol! Too many trips to the zoo I think...)