Saturday, May 10, 2008

Evening out to play

We went to the club for swimming and dinner the other night and had a great evening. When we first arrived at the pool, it was at adult swim time, 15 minutes to the hour. Brad went in for some laps, and the kids provided a cheering section on the side of the pool.

Honor couldn't wait to get wet.
Who's silly?
Brian gets geared up and ready to go. btw, his smile changes a little day to day - his top teeth are loose!

Finally! Time to get wet.
We were joined by some friends, and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves.
After swimming was dinner. We sat out by the playground. Our friends stayed too, but wanted to sit inside - they've got a little one. We were all wet, so had to go our separate ways - probably saner anyway, considering that this was a late dinner with six tired and wound up kids! The kids got to play together while we waited for our food though.

Honor wants money to pay - the waiter gave her the check, and when she said she had no money, he took her shoes as payment! Dad gives her some cash to pay for dinner...
...and buy back her shoes!


Mama Seoul said...

Happy Mother's Day, Connie!

srsr said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite Mothers

junglemama said...

Happy Mother's Day! We went swimming today too!