Saturday, May 10, 2008

Preschool conspiracy

I pick Honor up from school in the afternoons and often the kids will be having their snacks in the lunchroom. For awhile now, the kids have been conspiring to hide Honor when I come, and I play along. I might ask where she is? And the kids will tell me different places, and why (She went to America to see her grandma!). I sometimes pretend that I think another child is Honor and ask them to pack up their lunch box so we can go. Sometimes I get an invisible Honor and pretend to take an invisible girl home. Other times I will just who wants to go home with me since Honor isn't there. (I always get a couple of volunteers!) Eventually Honor will pop out and say "Here I am!" Thursday, I just happened to bring the camera and so when I came in and didn't see Honor at the table - "She's not here!", said the kids - I asked them, what will happen if I take a picture under the table? I clicked a photo without looking, showed the kids, and asked what they saw:

Most kids said, Honor's under the table! One kid said, Honor's in the camera! Honor popped out and said, "Can I see?" I won again!! ;-D

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