Friday, May 9, 2008

Day at school with Brian

Thursday was a day with Brian. His class has been studying about the local community and they have been doing some map exercises and walk-abouts around the school. I went in to chaperone another one of the neighborhood walks in the morning - I also went on one with them last week, and brought Brad along too, although he hadn't been planning on going. He had the day off though, and he enjoyed participating too. It's a good exercise that has the kids following a simple street map, and filling in symbols of what they see on the route: Villas, apartments, shops, mosques, etc. They are also tasked to notice things dealing with economy, ecology, language, culture, change, etc. My group was to focus on man-made changes, natural changes, and signs of rules in the community. I enjoyed walking around with Brian and his classmates again. Second grade is an interesting age - the kids are still 'little', but they are working towards being 'big kids'.
I went home for about 30 minutes after that walk, and had lunch. Then went back to the school to Brian's class to help with the second event for the day. They were supposed to be going to the nearby school for orphans to make beaded necklaces for their end of year fund raiser, but exams caused the trip to be canceled. Instead, we stayed at the school and made the necklaces in the classrooms. I enjoyed spending all this time with Brian.

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