Monday, May 19, 2008

Playin' hooky

From mayplay

Actually, the kids had a half-day at school on Sunday, so when I went to pick them up, I brought swimming gear and had our driver drop us off at the club rather than bring us home. We swam for a good hour or so, had a relaxing lunch, then hit the pool for another hour swim. I called it quits when I noticed that noses were getting pink from the sun! We walked home and had a quiet afternoon and evening of naps, homework, baths (to get rid of all the chlorine and playground sand!) and tacos for dinner.
Here are more photos, some by Brian:


Unknown said...

Is that another swimmer for our family? (Honor)
We ALWAYS thought Brad was part fish! I guess Brian inherited the fish gene.

Connie said...

Yep, Honor is swimming. She still has some technique and confidence to work on, but she can get there. She's even swimming underwater a bit - hard because of the harsh chlorine though. I need to get us all some new goggles.