Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a very lovely Mother's Day! I was very tired by Sunday evening, and yesterday too... I've been fighting a sniffley nose and not sleeping well... so these are a bit after the fact, but I'm sharing them anyway because I had a very sweet 'special' day.

Brian has been celebrating Mother's Day (week) by bringing me presents from school as he makes them. He gave me a lovely calendar that he made in computer class, as well as a set of Mom's notes and a sweet card. Brian isn't actually done celebrating yet, he's still in process of making me another surprise - I'm not allowed to peek.

Brad brought me home a lovely bouquet of pink gladiolas, with peach and white roses - they're beautiful! Thank you sweetie!! He also got a second, small bouquet of roses and mums for Honor - she loves getting flowers as much as I do.

Honor's class put on a special concert and tea time for all the moms. The preschoolers worked hard to keep the preparations secret - but it was tough not to tell! Finally, the big day arrived and they could show us everything they'd been working on. Honor's class gathers to sing songs for us: There was singing and dancing.
All the moms got hugs, pretty cards, and a lovely golden handprint plaque.
After tea, cupcakes (baked by the children in class) and the goodbye song, we went out to the playground to wait for our driver to come get us. Honor loves to play in the sand. Her shoes are typically filled with sand when she gets home. Dumping them out in the kitchen trash can is part of our daily routine. It's a wonder there's any sand left in the playground.
She made a hand in the sand - she told me not to peek, but I snuck a picture.
Everybody on the monkey bars!
This is a new skill for Honor and she has been getting blisters from practicing. She refuses to quit and let her hands heal!
Nope, she swings, falls, and gets up to go again.
Too much fun! :-)
Tonight we go to a concert with Brian's class. He's singing a part and playing an instrument. We can't wait to go!


junglemama said...

Happy Mother's Day! It looks like you guys had a nice time at the tea. What a good idea.

Irina said...

The day of MOTHER begins to be marked and in Ukraine. It is new tradition for us. Usually mothers are in a position to get congratulations of March, 8, in the Womanish day. I think, I will feel this holiday next year in America :).
You have beautiful children :). My daughter likes to look pictures, where children play :). Will I rotin she the pictures of your children, OK?
What do you do in Egypt?